Hi, I'm Mackenzie Frecloud, but you can call me Mack, Mackie, or just my name, Mackenzie! I'm fourteen years old, and I live in the United States with my wonderful family. 

I'm all about being creative, awkward moments, and cute succulents, and my content reflects that. My YouTube channel is my outlet to showcase creative DIYs, unique editing tricks, and even comedy videos as my alter-ego, Gladys. 

I've been blogging for six years and have created well over 50 websites, and I was super excited to open MackenzieFrecloud.com, which will showcase my biggest passion: writing. 

I'll be writing about anything that makes me happy! Travel adventures, recipes, or just something random that happened in my house.

Make sure to check out my other social media once you're finished reading my blog! - Mackenzie